Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of fifth grade

Well, the time has come, he is finally a fifth grader. He is entering his last year of elementary school. It is supposed to rain all week which is not good for soccer.  I just hope it stops raining for his first game on saturday so it isn't cancelled.

He has gymnastics after school today so he doesn't really get to come home and relax.


Aidan loves his new shoes, he says they are very bouncy.

Aidan is starting to wear a watch. This is a slap watch, the band is like the slap bracelets from when I was a kid.

Off he goes.  The bus was over 10 minutes late which makes no sense since he is the first kid picked up on the route. Aidan forgot his lunch box so when I brought it to the school the secretary just laughed and said "that's our boy!"

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