Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 2

The rain stopped in the afternoon yesterday which gave the rivers some time to recede and most of the roads are open again.  We are lucky in that the rivers by us crest earlier than others. One county in New Jersey that is always being flooded by this one river isn't supposed to crest until today. All their schools were cancelled for today.  The latest storm was a tropical storm that caused a lot of damage to some amusement parks in Pennsylvania, one just looking almost beyond repair but I'm sure they are going to try.

As long as the town doesn't say otherwise his soccer coach is adding a practice today since they haven't practiced all week and the first game is tomorrow.  This is where it is hard with him in two sports at a time.  Tonight, as the exact same time, is the team spirit day for gymnastics.  Sure he will miss the games and whatnot which isn't that big of a deal but he will miss out on being in the team picture.  Aidan is just excited to find out what color his team is this year for soccer!

This weekend is my birthday as is a local craft fair so our plans for sunday include the craft fair and going out to dinner and not turning the TV on at all. It is bad enough that for the past 10 years all I hear when I tell people my birthday is 9/11 is "awwww that stinks" but since it is a big anniversary for it this year that is all that is on TV. I just don't enjoy being depressed on my birthday.

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