Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little history

Just about every parent I know takes a first day of school picture and then it ends with that. I, however, like to take it one step further. I originally did not plan on doing this, it started out as a joke. However, I found that I enjoyed it. So what is this that I did? I take a picture of my son on every school day.

To get started here is his picture from the first day of kindergarten

Cute huh? I like to think so.

Even back then I had the thought to take a picture of the last day of school

Can you see how much he has grown up? Now imagine if you took a picture everyday, you could really follow the progress.

Here is this first day of school for first grade

Here is this last day of first grade

First day of school for second grade

And the last day of school for second grade

Here is a picture from the first day of third grade

Last year I took a picture every day. Out of 180 days of school, he was asleep in 82 of pictures. When I leave for work I take a picture of whatever he is doing, sometimes he was awake but 82 times he was asleep. On the last day of third grade I took a few pictures that summed up the year.

That cell phone took 178 of the daily pictures.

So i'm going to continue taking a daily picture of my son for fourth grade and I am going to try it out by blog instead of facebook. Let's see how this goes...