Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 3

Aidan had a GREAT soccer game on Saturday! There are kids on his and other teams that I swear he only comes to the elbows! It is very hard to believe they are only two years older than him but these kids are big by 7th grade standards even. Aidan doesn't care, he is used to the big guys from lacrosse and just skates right by them. His coach was so impressed he didn't hardly want to take him him out of the game to rest. I heard a couple parents on the sidelines keep asking who was that number two because he was playing so well. After a few times I realized they were talking about Aidan! Being that this is a rec league there isn't any real coaching going on. The kids with any talent tend to go over to travel soccer where you get much better instruction. Who knows, maybe after this year I will let Aidan try out for travel team next year.
He has another game today after school, so it's one hour of gymnastics practice followed by soccer, just like Saturday.

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