Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 113

That is the only smile Aidan had this morning. He needed to wake up early to work on school work he missed yesterday and wasn't able to complete last night due to his first lacrosse practice last night (which on a side note was an awesome practice and a great start to the year). When I got out of the shower he was sitting at the table crying his eyes out from the pain :(. I gave him advil and rubbed some anbesol on his gums which took the edge off. I knew it would be worse today I didn't expect it this bad. We made the decision to keep him home today because it's just not worth it. Since I had to give him advil at 6am he will need it again at noon and the nurse can't give it to him. He should get better every day. Now I understand why his gymnastics coach was so mad I did this 4 days before states.

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