Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 99

Aidan had a great practice last night.  He says his flares are really opening up and he might do them at the meet on sunday.  The last time he did them the judge said they were not big enough so he didn't get he bonus points for them. The meet before that he tried them and he fell off and the deduction is more than the bonus he gets for doing extra circles and the flares.  Aidan is really looking forward to this meet because it is a big invitational where they are awarded medals and the meet takes place at Temple university in Philadelphia.  After the meet we might go back to the Hard Rock Cafe, Aidan's favorite restaurant.  We went last year for dinner the night before the meet.  I think Aidan's goal in life is to eat at as many Hard Rock's as he can, so far he has been to three: Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and New York City. Those are the only ones within driving distance.

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