Sunday, November 4, 2012

Still no power

We still are without power and school is still closed. As of yesterday our town was still 93% out of power. I don't know how much was restored today. I finally got a hotel room for tonight. Aidan is so used to the cold that he is burning up in the warmth of the room. The gas lines are crazy as everyone is panicking. I got lucky today and found a place that I only had to wait 15 minutes on line. If I hadn't gotten gas today I would have had to drive to Pennsylvania tomorrow. They instituted a temporary rule that determines when you can get gas. If the last number in your license plate is an even number you can only get gas on even numbered days. I'm an even, tomorrow is my day off so I cannot get gas in New Jersey tomorrow.
Anyway, we are surviving. Aidan was able to keep himself entertained. I just hope this doesn't last much longer and we can return to our lives.

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