Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Florida pictures

I just realized that I never posted pictures from florida! I am so sorry, someone should have said something!

When we landed my brother's took us to a place called Paynes Praire that is a wildlife preserve. The place is swarming with alligators right out in the open!

Aidan was very nervous to turn his back on the gators. Smart boy.

For his birthday dinner we ordered "chicken nuggets" for an appetizer. It was actually gator tail, and he loved it! He enjoyed it so much he didn't believe it was alligator.

It's always good to have a 6'4'' uncle to sit on when you can't see over the crowd.

The three amigos...yes we dressed all in blue on purpose, to help Aidan find us better if we got separated. 

Of course we had to go to the town hall and get his birthday and first visit buttons!

How could we NOT eat at Casey's?!

Aidan needed to make frequent stops to check out the map and let us know where he wanted to go next.

It was such a beautiful day!

Aidan learned how to be a pirate apprentice from Captain Jack Sparrow.

But we still put him in the stocks haha

Aidan loves the tea cups, even when his uncle spins it so fast we all felt a little sick

Caught in a florida storm in line at the haunted mansion

This picture says so many words.  

Aidan was having a disney meltdown. He was tired and hungry and where he wanted to eat had closed, which only brought up that he wanted a pirate sword...NOW. He then decided he wanted pizza, couldn't find pizza anywhere.  Which made the meltdown worse. He very unhappily ate dinner, or should I say he ate everyone else's food and not his. Then it was time for the electric parade and he was still screaming he wanted a pirate sword and now he wanted a light up toy. He agreed that a light up sword was perfect. Then all was well.

On the shuttle ride back to the hotel he told us he ran out of magic

The next day we went to universal studios

Uncle Mark's muscles are bigger than popeye's!

Most people just stand and smile by the dinosaur...not us! Everyone was laughing hysterically...I bet more people did this after we left!

Harry potter was awesome!!!

Aidan couldn't decide which wand he wanted.  I reminded him that you don't choose the wand, the wand chooses you.  Apparently Harry's wand choose him.

Trying to do the Heisman pose in front of Tim Tebow's heisman.

The swamp

Aidan loves Tim Tebow

We went to the Florida Museum of Natural History where they have a butterfly rainforest. He was terrified they would land on him.  As long as they landed on his hat he was fine.

University of Florida baseball game

Aidan got to be the junior gator announcer for one inning

He even got his name and picture up on the score board

He was soooo excited to finally meet Albert!

Yes, he was actually waving to his fans. People were cheering for him and one lady in the parking lot told him what a great job he did!

He looks so sweet and innocent here!

We had such a great time! My brothers took us to their favorite places to eat. Aidan tried and liked some southern food like black eyed peas.  Strangely he didn't like sweet tea. My brothers used the pool at their apartment complex more in that week than they ever had. We were sad to leave. The weather was so nice while we were there, I had to keep reminding myself how bad it is in july and august.

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