Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in October!?

Well, soccer was canceled for today...

We hurried to the mall before the roads got too bad to get Aidan new snow pants and snow boots.  A lot of stores didn't have them in stock yet.  We first had went to a sporting goods store but about 10 minutes after we got there they lost power so couldn't buy anything.  So we went to the mall which was right next to it and found snow pants in Macy's and boots in payless.

When we got home, we had no power...
I heard it could be a few days until we get it back...

So I started calling around looking for a hotel.  They either didn't answer or were already full.  I finally found a Hilton about 30 minutes away with rooms but there reservation system was down and it was first come first serve.  I have never packed an overnight bag so fast in my life!

When we got here there were no rooms left with two beds so we had to get the single king bed suite to get the pull out couch, but we got a room!

Aidan was excited to be able to go swimming!

Seriously, what is up with New Jersey this year??? First a hurricane, then an earthquake, now a blizzard in october??

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