Sunday, August 28, 2011


Okay, if I haven't lived in this town my entire life I would be high tailing it out of New Jersey! We really didn't get anything too bad. In fact we didn't even have to shut every window in the house. We do have about an inch of water in the basement. In the center of town is about a mile away and was completely under water. Lots of people have posted pictures on facebook. We decided to go and check it out ourselves. There is a river that floods easily that runs along the valley. Where Aidan is standing is a business parking lot. The short stone wall is the end of the parking lot and the tree line beyond that is the other bank of the river. The business in the background is a car repair shop that was half under water at the peak of it probably around 8am today. We were there around 5pm. One picture I saw there was a pickup truck parked next the repair shop and the water line was up to the windows of it.

We never lost power but part of the town did. We don't have cable phone or internet though.

Aidan was very scared yesterday and ended up in my bed last night which in turn I didn't get any sleep. When he woke up and the sun was shining and there was no destruction he eased up and has been in a great mood today.

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