Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a Week!

In the past week Aidan has been a very busy boy!  Last thursday we went to a yankee's game and saw Derek Jeter's 2998 hit. On saturday Aidan had a birthday party to go to and afterwards his Uncle took him to his first concert, a band called O.A.R.  On Sunday he got to see the new transformers movie in 3D. On monday we went to an amusement park and water park, Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom.  And today, well I guess it's after midnight so yesterday, we went to Ellis Island and the State of Liberty.  It.was.amazing!  We were in Ellis Island for over 3 hours and only saw half of it.  Aidan loves to learn and just needed to read every single sign we saw.  The ferry rides were also Aidan's first boat rides and he loved that also.
After the tourist stuff instead of taking the ferry back to New Jersey we got on the one that brings you to battery park in NYC.  Aidan loves being in the city and this was a new section for him.  There were street performers that enjoyed watching.  We walked to the twin towers sight but everything was pretty much blocked off. We finally made our way to the new york harbor water taxi that brought us back to Jersey.

This is where we departed in Jersey City. This is also the railroad the immigrants were brought to to depart to the final destination.

Ellis Island

Aidan loved the boat rides

Getting a better view

Aidan and I at the Statue of Liberty

He is so strong!

Poking Lady Liberty in the tush

Having fun in the gift shop

The first park in New York City, founded in 1733

Riding the Wall Street Bull with his Uncle Tim

The new Freedom Tower

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