Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 157

This is he smile of a kid who is playing attack tonight, if the game isn't rained out. This has been a terrible season, it has rained everyday for two weeks and there is a chance of rain all week again. It rained all last night.
As for the school fair on friday, well Aidan made out big! He won a guitar and free bagels for a year from panera bread! I have no idea why he wanted it so badly but I think he would have been more disappointed if he didn't win the bagels than the guitar.  We won a few gift certificates and a couple shirts also.  I think we won about 8 things which isn't too bad at all! Of course none of it was anything that I really wanted but at least Aidan is happy because he only ever won one thing and that was when he was in the first grade.

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