Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 128

Aidan had a great time at regionals! It was held at one the national training centers in the county that just so happens to be only an hour from our house.  All seven states in the region were there.  It was real tough competition and Aidan did about how he did all year.  I asked his coach why he made so many mistakes on his floor routine and he said "I don't know but he is having fun." That is all that matters to me and I have told him many times that I don't so much care what his score is or how he places as long as he tried his hardest and had fun.  He was sad it was his last meet of the season because he loves being out there in front of everyone competing. But to me, this marks the official start of lacrosse season. He had to miss the first game to attend regionals and the next game isn't for a couple of weeks. 

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